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In short...

First A BIG THANK YOU! for all positive reactions! 

Sorry to all that wanted to order the Inkblot Test Pad DIY Set in the last few weeks but due to some problems with Brett the Inkblot Test Pad Download Set was temporary unavailable. I also was on holiday a few weeks and this made the problem even worse but I want to be VERY clear to all my valued customers; I do NOT want to limit any of you that bought the Inkblot Test Pad DIY Set from my website in any way!
The only thing that is not allowed is to PRODUCE, SELL or SHARE my ideas from my book without permission like e.g. Brett Barry does. I want to be clear that all that bought the Inkblot Test Pad from my website can make as many pads they want, and how they want for the rest of their life, as long as it is for their own use but not to sell, share or produce for profit!!

For Brett Barry it’s a completely different story because he is producing and selling for profit and even though many 'wierd' things happened I still did everything I possebly could to come to a peaceful solution for all. I have done everything I could and even offered a very simple 'license' for a VERY small fee to solve this easy and fast but at the end I have been removed from the Svenpad Facebook Group TWICE, I have been insulted and compared to pigs and received a letter from his lawyer; THREATENING ME WITH A $ penalty if I would ever produce SVENGALI LIKE PADS!!! Even though I have done nothing wrong and only started this project to help a ‘friend’ and share my ideas that took me many years to develop with the magic community the best way I can. I even left out some really great ideas to protect Brett Barry’s business and I promoted his products from the first to the last page of my book. I have been extremely loyal to him but this has now come to an end. The good news for all who love Svengali is that some great secrets and ideas will be released very soon! Due to the circumstance I see no resin not to share these ideas with you now. In a new eXtreme Svengali Book you will learn how to create your own amazing PRE-PRINTED Svengali Pad’s and so much more. Also some great NEW Svengali demonstrations, ideas and handlings that will not only use pads but many other items of which some have never been used like this before. It will be a great companion to the first Svengali book and I promise it will be an eye opener for all Svengali lovers especially if you are into serious mentalism. More info about this soon!

Again I’m really sorry and I really hate it that I was not able to solve these problems that all started about a year ago when my wife got some very bad news from our doctor who told us she had a very serious and incurable lung disease. We don’t smoke and now our life was set upside down with this sad news. I wrote about it many times in my emails to Brett but strangely he NEVER reacted to this sad news, he only reacted to the business details of these emails but Brett wrote on the Facebook Group many times a day and a new Svenpad Dealer reached my e-mail inbox almost every day during that same period. When I just asked why he had not reacted to this terrible news he only wrote me that he was busy but no other real reaction… and when I wrote him in my reaction to be careful because money can change people, he immediately removed me from the Svenpad Facebook Group and politely but sarcastically wished me all the best. At that moment I knew he was not the man I thought he was and I stopped writing private things and just kept all emails pure about business from that moment on.

Many things happened and I don’t want to bother you with all the details but if you are interested you can read the full (nasty) story below!

More important is that I do have some nice surprises coming up for all Svengali lovers. Last week Brett advised me to RAISE the price of the Inkblot Set but I decided to keep the price low and affordable and I will NOT raise the price. Instead I will even send every new customer a REAL customized Inkblot DIY Set with different Inkblots and your initials below one of the EXTRA BONUS Inkblots totally free of charge!

To top it all you can even change the complete name and address on the cover and change it to ANY name and address you like for just $5,00 extra! So some great things are coming VERY SOON! At the moment we are testing Show-Pad one of the most amazing Svengali Pads you will ever own but I want to release the new book first…

Because it’s almost impossible to answer all questions, I have written the complete long version of what happened for those who are interested. See what can happen when money is involved... and whey I almost stopped with magic and mentalism even though I really love it for almost half a century.

P.S. You will also read how the best Inkblot Test Pad should look. How all problems really started, AND SOME GREAT NEWS FOR ALL THAT LOVE SVENGALI!

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