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The Psychological Inkblot Test Pad

The Inkblot Test Pad Artwork




The Psychological Inkblot Test Pad DIY sets


All downloads will be send immediatly after payment, only the Hardcopy book and the The Psychological Inkblot Test Pad DIY set are not automaticly send imediatly. They are send (or customized) by a real person. If you order a Harcopy book you will imediatly recieve a download link for a free e-book, and we will send the real book as soon as we are back October the 4th. Also the Psychological Inkblot Test Pad DIY will be send when we are back October the 4th 2022.

Thank you for your understanding!

Download the Artwork to create one of the most amazing effects in the book at your own home!

Force a memory and be ten steps ahead

You are ready for over 10 reveals even before you started!

Very easy to create!

This is a download for the Special Artwork DIY set that you need to create The Psychological Inkblot Test Pad :

    1. Explanation with detailed information how to create some perfect Inkblots Test Pads at your own home

    2. 28 different inkblots (with some nice extra's not described in the book)

    3. The special force inkblot

    4. A perfect cover

Recommended materials: 

You will need a normal pocket SvenPad®

Also I recommend using a paper cutting machine to make the cuts fast and easy.

if you really want amazing results: 15 pages of photo paper and some repositionable glue (I use the Pritt Roller but you can read all about the materials in the easy to read instructions complete with very clear pictures that is all included in the download). You only need to put a little glue on the top of the back of each picture. This way you can very easily change the pad for another effect and it will still work perfectly!

Create the most amazing SvenPad® in less than 30 minutes! Your home made pad will look more realistic, and more authentic than any pre-printed  mass produces Test Pad! If you take the time to create them as in the instructions they will NOT look like a pre-printed mass-produced modern product but AUTHENTIC like the REAL DEAL! Like a pad that was created by a doctor in his spare time to do these special tests. Please read THE FULL STORY for more details and why I think a litte work at home will make your Inkblot Test Pads so much better (and easy to change too)!


I included some amazing and very useful SECRET EXTRA’S that are not mentioned in the book! You can read all about it in the instruction that you will receive with your download.

Please be aware that you need to own the book for the method and presentation!


From now on every Psychological Inkblot Test Pad Download Set will be different and specially customized especially for you and send to your PayPal e-mail address. This is done manually by a real person and we will send it to you a.s.a.p. I will also use the initials from you PayPal name, if you want me to use any other initials in the Inkblot Artwork let me know (by sending an e-mail at least a few minutes before you order). Thank you!

Do you want your own name and address on the cover or any other name??? Now you can customize the cover. For more info read the FULL STORY below.


Why the INKBLOT TEST was unavailable?!

Many things happened, I have been removed from the Svenpad Facebook Group TWICE, I have been insulted and compared to pigs
and received threats from Brett Barry's lawyer; THREATENING ME WITH A $ penalty if I would ever produce
SVENGALI LIKE PADS!!! Not Svenpads, no Svengali Like Pads! LOL 


500 Famous Logos! 12 to 15 different logos on the Force Page! More information will be added soon or read about it in the eXtreme SvenPad® Supreme eBook…

UP-DATE: Sometimes plans change and thanks to the recent problems with Brett that produced the Inkblot Test Pads without permission, I decided to give priority to the NEW eXtreme Svengali Book - The Missing Pieces!

The good news is that ShowPad is ready and amazing but I got an idea to make it even better and to implement this idea will take some time, so I will have to re-design some elements that are needed for this mental mind killing effect. I will do this as soon as the book is released.

I promise it will be worth the wait!


If you can Dream it You can Do it!