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Mentalist - Suggestionist

Miracle Mind

John van der Linden
The eXtrementalist

Mystery Entertainer
Memory Expert
Mind Reader
from the Netherlands Europe
John likes to take his demonstrations to the eXtreme!   


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Miracle Mind FX

Tools for the Professional eXtreMentalist and Mystery Entertainer

John van der Linden

Mentalist Writer Inventor 

John is not only an amazing mentalist, he also did a lot of other work, read more about his passion and projects here...


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The eXtreme 


By John van der Linden

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SvenPad Supreme


By John van der Linden

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He will investigate all ins and outs of an effect before he performs it and he will do everything he can to make it as mysterious, interesting, entertaining, visual, and exiting he can! He also has some real acting skills.

First to have fun, and second to amuse, mystify and entertain people in a way they have never seen before, to leave them totally clueless and amazed by what they have just seen. The real magic is the smile they have on the inside... even long after your performance!


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