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The Psychological Inkblot Test Pad
- A mentalist dream come true -

The Psychological Inkblot Test Pad


Download the Artwork to create one of the most amazing effects in the book!

Force a memory and be ten steps ahead

You are ready for over 10 reveals even before you started!

Very easy to create!

This is a download for the Special Artwork that you need to create The Psychological Inkblot Test Pad :

    1. Explanation with detailed information how to create a perfect Inkblots Test Pad

    2. 28 different inkblots (with some nice extra's not described in the book)

    3. The special force inkblot

    4. A perfect cover

Recommended materials: 

You will need a normal pocket SvenPad®

Also I recommend using a paper cutting machine to make the cuts fast and easy.

if you really want amazing results: 15 pages of photo paper and some repositionable glue (I use the Pritt Roller but you can read all about the materials in the explanation that is included in the download). You only need to put a little glue on the top of the back of each picture. This way you can very easily change the pad for another effect and it will still work perfectly!

Create the most amazing SvenPad® in less than 30 minutes!


I included some amazing and very useful SECRET EXTRA’S that are not mentioned in the book! You can read all about it in the instruction that you will receive with your download.

Please be aware that you need to own the book for the method and presentation!


You can download all files immediately!



Keep reading here for more info!


The following is stated clearly in my book:

Copyright © John van der Linden 2017

All rights reserved, with the exception of short quotations for the purpose of a review, no part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, stored in a retrieval system, photocopying, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author John van der Linden. The demonstrations, ideas and special handling and tips in this book are for you to use but not to share. Keep the secrets a secret! You can make as many SvenPads® you like, but if you want to distribute, share or SELL SvenPads® from the ideas and tips in this book, you need written permission of the author John van der Linden.

Contact the author for more information. All e-books are secretly coded visibly and invisibly with name and e-mail address. The book is yours to keep and licensed to one person only. Your Personal Code can be used for extra privileges if they come available, like free videos etc.

Please do not copy! If we find illegal copies or if someone breaks the copyright we will take legal action.


Brett Barry does not have permission to sell or produce Inkblot Test Pads at this moment. If you bought or ordered an InkBlot Test Pad from him before this is all cleared than you bought an illegal product and you should ask your money back!

We will solve this or I will provide another and much cheaper solution for your Perfect Printed Pads very soon!


John van der Linden
September 16th 2017


We are negotiating and I hope to have some good news soon…

John van der Linden
September 18th 2017


500 Famous Logos! 9 or 10 different logos on the Force Page.
More information will be added soon or read about it in the eXtreme SvenPad® Supreme eBook…


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